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Start up Meet up

Start up Meet up

Last Thursday, the Fipin Team went to a meetup organised by BASH Singapore at Ayer Rajah. It was the first mobile growth hackers meetup in Singapore, and it was amazing! The panel of mobile growth experts who went were:

• Tomas Laboutka, CEO, HotelQuickly

• Anuj Bheda, Co-founder,

• Khang Toh, CTO and Co-founder, PicoCandy

All of them shared about various strategies that their start up adopt, successful ones and the not so successful ones. It was such a learning experience as these founders talk about their experiences. And of course, the crowd was great too! We had fun talking to various people who were working in a start up as well as start up enthusiast. Fipin has been growing consistently as a startup since I joined, and I can't wait for our community to be a global one!