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Corn is mad.

Corn is mad.

Look at Corn talking to cars. What the hell. He even got kicked out by the security guard at Grand Hyatt because he was lying on the floor and talking to the sky. What is he doing man. Attracting so much attention. This guy is weird I really don't know what to do with him.

Ah okay so Corn was practicing to pitch last Friday! and since it was his first time, he has to take the big step to present his pitch to everyone. And everything :) He pitched to Japanese women and their children who didn't understand what he said, he pitched to tourists who didnt understand what he said. He pitched to the concierge (our friend Faisal :)) at the Hotel and I think he understood what Corn was saying. He pitched to a Ferrari and I guess it didn't understand him, got too many stares from people. He pitched to the sky, I guess the sky didn't like it either. Got more stares.

Well but the same night he pitched to JFDI :) Corn was great :) Everybody understood what he said :) He was amazing.

Seriously who names their child corn..