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The Red Fipin Ranger

The Red Fipin Ranger

Here is the pitch I made at JFDI:

Would you like to learn how to think out of the box? Come to think of it, who needs a box?
Since we were born, we were being put into a box, by the people who love us and care about us. They teach us rules to adhere to, like: standing in line, don’t attract attention, respect authority. These rules are indoctrinated into us, so strongly that it becomes a part of our personality.
Of course, these people teach us things with good intention, but it inhibits us from being creative, and prevents us from reaching our goals.

This is wonderful for the society as a whole, where everyone conforms and behaves. But it is horrible for youu!

Therefore we need to unbox ourselves, and unleash our potential to the world. We have developed a process to unbox you: By inspecting the box together, we help you and guide you to smash the box on your own.

Unleash the can-do spirit within you. Thank you for your time ☺

I thank my boss Jay for giving me the strength to speak to a really intimidating crowd in my opinion. This is great practice and I loved the reactions HAHAHA!
Here is a photo of Jay the Red Fipin Ranger being so unboxed in his Airwheel.